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Lo Sono L’Amore
April 17, 2010, 1:49 pm
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I’ve been a massive Tilda Swinton fan ever since I saw her in Absent Presence, Hussein Chalayan’s short film for the Venice Bienalle back in 2005, which is why I rushed out to see her lead the way in I Am Love, Luca Guadagnino’s new film about repression and the upper classes in late 90’s uber-fashionable Milan.

The film is not fantastically easy to watch- it’s intense, dramatic and at times verges on being a little gratuitously arty (even for me!) but you potentially won’t see a film more beautifully shot this year.

 The film’s score, provided by John Adams, is perfectly matched to the action (think dreamy strings accompanying shots of blooming heather and sun drenched Italian mountain ranges) the Jill Sander and Fendi wardrobe collaborations are utterly chic and as might be expected in an Italian Arthouse production- the sex scenes of the movie are that rare combination; tasteful and highly erotically charged without ever straying into Eurotrash territory.

 I went to see the film at the Curzon cinema in Chelsea, one of my favourite places to watch movies in London (besides my bedroom, and the Prince Charles in Leicester Square), but it is open nationwide now, and definitely deserves 120 minutes of your time.


Goodfellas- good ladies?

The night before last I found myself home from the pub and flicking through the channels absent mindedly before I eventually passed out around midnight,  on the sofa in my skinnies (did I just admit to that?). Anyway, for a few hours I was totally captivated by an old favourite flick of mine on ITV4- Martin Scorseses’ Goodfellas. Now, I know we’ve all seen that film poster and perhaps some of my fellow girly girls might find some of the shoot out scenes a little gratuitous, but what got me (and thrilled me to my feminist core) this time around was the many all-woman delights on the soundtrack. The Shangri- Las! The Crystals! The Chantels!

I love a good 60’s girl group. And a few bad ones, too..

You can buy the cd off Amazon here. 49p for heartbreakingly melodic songs about love (and just a hint of teenage melodrama) seems pretty bargainous to me..

A New Leaf..

Hello all,

I have decided that rather than update my much loved (but much neglected) Domiknittrix blog, I would start an all new and improved version! I’m hoping to be branching out a little with this online venture, so as well as covering my usual fodder, female angsty issues (Don’t get me started on that Mooncup advert!) I’m going to try and get a bit of mainstream culture in the mix, be it what I think of the latest scenester album, or my reviews of only the finest fine art (Who wants to go to the Whitechapel?) . I’m hoping as well to get a few culinary trials up on here about as well, having been inspired by the Julie Powell’s delightful Julie and Julia book, where the author attempts to cook every one of the 524 recipes from Julie Child’s seminal Art of French Cooking, and blog about the results. I was thinking this curvy brunette could probably take on Nigella Lawson with some success, although I daresay she’s a lot more verbose than I am, and probably better at wielding a spatula in a seductive manner.

Somehow I don’t manage to look like this when tucking into several plates full of cake. But anyway, I can touch type, and that’s all that matters here.